Water jet

A water jet system builds up an ultra high water pressure and utilises it to cut the stock material. To cut a wider variety and thickness of materials which is almost any material except diamond, tempered glass and a certain ceramics, certain garnet is added as an abrasive to the water jet, increasing the cutting power substantially. This gives a great flexibility and versatility to the water jet as it can easily switch from precisely cutting thin, soft and delicate materials such as foam to a few inches of hard and tough materials such as steel.

The following are a few advantages of water jet cutting systems against other conventional cutting system

  1. Environmentally friendly.
  2. Cold cutting - no heat affected zones, no burning, no hardening and no thermal stress.
  3. No stress impact and no crushing of material.
  4. No dust, fumes or gases released.
  5. Very good material utilisation.
  6. Low tangential forces on material.
  7. Flexible production as it can cut most materials excluding diamonds, tempered glass and a few ceramics. Can cut most materials up to 250 mm in thickness.
  8. High repeat accuracy.
  9. perforates materials without starting holes.
  10. Net shape or near net shape parts (no secondary processing required in many applications)
  11. Small cutting kerf.
  12. Easily cuts multilayered materials.
  13. No merallurgical deformation.
  14. Eliminates after-cut machining in most cases.

We, at Beau Monde are using a water jet machine made by one of the top water jet cutting machines manufacturers in the world, KMT, Germany. It is 50 hp hyper pressure pump releasing 60,000 psi of pressure and cutting water speeds reaching up to mach 2. It is the most powerful water jet cutting machine in East India, capable of cutting steel upto 250mm. The nature of cold cutting allows water jet to cut almost any material without damaging its properties and also providing near burr-less cutting. We provide flexibility to cut various materials such as mirror, glass, marbles, engineered marbles and stones, granites, stones, sandstones, precious stones, ceramic, aluminium, copper, brass, bronze, titanium, inconel, any grade of stainless steel, carbon steel, tools steel and all types of alloys and many more for all sorts of engineering part work, designer and architectural work.

We also provide value added services like cutting artistic shapes and designs in any materials, inlay work in tiles, marbles, granites and stones, decorative grills, name plates, borders, floor designs and engineering parts.

2D/3D Engraver

State of the art machine, which can perform all sorts of simple and complex 2D or 3D designs on numerous materials such as granite, marble, stones, corian, wood, MDF, smart board, aluminium, glass, mirror and more. Turn your boring looking stones, marbles and other materials into a beautiful artwork. Be it engraving or inlay of different materials and thickness, we can make all your idea into a

Straight line bevelling and polishing

One of the best machines available in the market for bevelling and polishing of glass. It can bevel and polish, both glass and mirror of sizes as small as 1" x 1". It can bevel up to 2" with unmatched quality. Multiple stage bevelling is also possible. Polishing quality is also very high with almost negligible grinding marks and arris as clear as the surface of the glass.


We cater to all sorts of laminated glass/mirror requirements. We provide clear film laminating solutions behind mirrors to extend the life of a mirror extensively and also protect it from damped walls. EVA lamination solutions for all sorts of interior glass fittings as well as external glazing providing superior safety and security. All sorts of fabric lamination is also available. One can choose from our collection of fabrics and can also provide their own fabric to laminate between two glasses. EVA lamination provides effective safety and security at a comparatively lower price. It can also be used as glass doors as the edges of the EVA laminated glass can be left exposed with no compromise on the safety and security.

Anti stain treatment

We provide complete solution for all the stain treatment needed to be done on glasses used in external facades of a building to the glasses used indoors as doors, partitions and shower cubicle. We use a nano technology based product to make the glass resistant to most stains, dust, rust, limescale deposits, soap and shampoo residues and more increasing the life of the glass substantially.


We have a set up for all sorts of etching on glass. From sand blasting to acid etching, all sort sort of etching work on glass and mirrors are done with unrivalled quality. We have a CNC vertical plotter for plotting the design rather that doing it by hands, which gives unmatched quality and precision enabling us to achieve perfect designs and workmanship.


We offer a huge collection of colours of back painted glass which are custom made at our facility. We use high quality pigments for out paints which we import from the UK, which is very long lasting. We use a mixing software to create innumerous number of colours. Every batch of the paint is exactly the same as the colour mixing ratios are decided by the software. We also provide value added services on back painted glass such as tempering, bending and various kinds of etching.

Glass painting and original stained glass work

We provide peerless quality of glass painting and original stained glass work. We import all the colour pigments, resigns and lead outlines from the UK. All the resins we use for glass painting are dust and water proof and are also uv resistant giving it a prolonged life even after being directly under the sun all year long. We use imported glass from the USA to make stained glass panels out of an extensive library of designs available with us or can create one as per the designs provided to our clients.

Decorative mirrors

Break through from the mass market products available everywhere. Visit us for a unique collection of designs and workmanship on mirrors to accentuate the look of that wall.

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